Discover how the Mayflower’s voyage has been commemorated across Britain through the centuries.


We are exploring the amazing impact which this famous voyage has had in Britain over the past four hundred years. We are examining the many different ways in which people have engaged with the Mayflower story, from art and literature to music and film.

We are also interested in how this the tale of migration and religious freedom has impacted on the narratives and politics of what it means to be English or British. You can find out more about all these examples of commemoration by browsing our Mayflower Map, and by reading our Mayflower Stories.

We’d also love to hear from anyone else who has material or memories of ‘Mayflower culture’ of their own – like photographs of monuments and memorials, novels and songs, and memories or souvenirs of previous commemorations. What does the Mayflower story mean to you?

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We’ve recently launched our interactive Mayflower map where you can explore the history of Pilgrim Fathers commemoration in Britain.